Downloading Form PDF and send back to us and Filling form and complete payment online are two ways to become the formal members of GCAAI.

If you are a student or receiving social welfare, please download the form and send it back to us, so that your membership fee can be discounted as half price 10 Euro.

Approach 1: You can either download the registration form, sign it and send it back to us.

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Approach 2: Or fill in the following form and complete the payment online.

Advancing state-of-the-art AI techniques.
Increasing awareness of AI techniques in traditional industries.
Enabling AI collaboration across domains and countries.
Driving open source AI projects or communities.
Advocating AI efforts in ethics and fairness.
Initiating AI national strategy, standard setting and regulations, thought leadership and policy implications.

We point out in accordance with § 33 Federal Data Protection Act that for the purpose of membership administration and support the following data of the members in automated files are stored, processed and used: Names, Telephone Number, Email, Birthday, Company, Social Network, Personal Interest .

I agree with the following data collection, processing and usage approaches.

I consent to the collection, processing and use of the following personal data by the Association for Member Administration by means of electronic data processing: Names, Telephone Number, Email, Birthday, Company, Social Network, Personal Interest.

I agree that the association may publish my personal data and photos in the association's newspaper and on the association's homepage in connection with the association's purpose and events in accordance with the articles of association, and may forward these to print and other media.

I am aware that I can object to the publication of individual photos and personal data at any time. In this case the transmission/publication will be stopped immediately for the future. Any photos and data already published on the homepage of the association will then be removed immediately.

I am aware that the application for membership cannot be granted without this consent.

Data Privacy Policy
I have read the data protection regulations of GCAAI and consent the right of GCAAI to maintain the personal data I provided in the form.

According to the regulation of the association, the annual member fee is 20.00 Euro per year. By providing your credit card number, expiration date and CVC code in the following field, you know that 20.00 Euro will be safely transfered to GCAAI through online payment agency STRIPE. STRIPE encrypts your account information as token and parse it once receives the request. In this way, your account information will not be stored by GCAAI.

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By submitting my information I confirm that I want to be a member of the Association.